What will the mail carriers think?

Hi all Rhubarbites,

Victor Enns refers to the latest cover as “a false cover”, but unfortunately it’s the only one my very nice, polite, Muslim mailman was exposed to. (Blush.)

In my opinion, neither cover option, the so-called false cover or supposed “real” one, reflects the magazine contents well at all. Something colourful and interesting to look at would’ve made for an issue I’d have been happy to share–something evocative of the
variety in nature, perhaps, rather than something visually dreary, oppressive, and embarrassingly jokey.

I look forward to the “fresher look” of the next issue.

Kind regards,
-Mary Hagey

P.S. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have the staid image as the outer cover and the raunchy one inside? (Quibble quibble.)