Rhubarb Issue 39 Cover - The Sting of Bees

The Sting of Bees

Read and Recorded by Bernice Friesen

The first time each of us need a wheel(ed) chair, we are too young to remember it.

When I was nineteen, I got Achilles tendonitis for the first time. It lasted months, my doctor telling me, in frustration, just to stop walking and it would get better—whatever you do, don’t do stairs and don’t run; I was obviously a very bad patient, and not following his orders if I wasn’t getting better. MORE>

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New Review Copy Address

By Victor Enns

Rhubarb welcomes our new reviews editor, Susie Fisher, on board. Please send all review copies to this new address: More >

Rhubarb 39 Dis/Ability Launch

By Victor Enns
Wednesday, September 7, 7:30-9pm, 2016 at Sam’s Place, 159 Henderson Hwy

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