We are looking for new, unpublished work from writers and artists who self-define as Mennonites, whether practicing, declined, lapsed or resistant; we also accept writing and visual art by non-Mennonites about Mennonites. Writing should be clear, stimulating and persuasive without being didactic.

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Poetry: Up to 30 lines
Fiction and non-fiction: Up to 2,500 words
Artwork: Black-and-white artwork including high contrast photographs that reproduce well in the magazine printing process. A limited number colour images are used in each issue, including a cover image and images for an art feature inside (query first).

Rhubarb publishes humour, book reviews, commentary, issues analysis and articles related to the theme. Contact for reviews and Victor Enns at for anything else.


Rhubarb has joined many other literary and visual arts magazine using Submittable. It will improve our service to our contributors, and provide editors with everything they need to do their work. Artists and writers can see where their submission is in the editorial process, while providing the same biographical and contact information needed by all magazines and journal for your other Submittable submissions.


Submit to Rhubarb online (see bottom of this page).

Please include your name on every page. Payment is $50.00 upon publication. All submissions should include a short bio and full name and address of contributor.


Before you hit Send please confirm:
For online, email and surface mail:

  • I have read at least one previous issue of Rhubarb.
  • I know Rhubarb is an independent secular publication.
  • I have visited
  • My name is on every page, unless it is a contest entry.
  • My submission meets the criteria of the general guidelines (query first for exceptions).
  • I have indicated the genre of the work submitted.
  • I have indicated whether this is a general submission, or a submission to a particular call.
  • I have carefully read the guidelines for a particular call or theme before choosing work to submit.
  • This work has not been previously published.
  • I have indicated whether the writing in this submission has been submitted elsewhere.