Rhubarb seeks volunteer literary contest coordinator

Rhubarb has entered the literary contest market and is looking for a volunteer coordinator for our current (also see here) and next literary contests (yet to be determined).

Our current contest deadline is November 1st.

If you’re moderately computer savvy, would like to volunteer (mostly) from home, and are interested in writing and contests this may be for you.

Rhubarb contests are open to anyone who writes in English and can send in a typed submission with a cheque or a PayPal order for $30.00. Doesn’t matter if you are a Mennonite, once were and have given it up, are married to one, or wouldn’t even know one if they served you cottage cheese perogies, calling them verinike and smothering them with cream gravy. It does matter that you are well organized, maintain confidentiality to ensure the contest entries remain anonymous to the judges, are good with details, and are interested in making our literary contests a success! Duties:

  • Promote the contests in social media and in cross-promotions with other literary contests
  • Receive (snail mail) and retrieve (website, email) contest entries, acknowledging receipt
  • Log the entrants’ contact information, the category of the entry, and an identifiable title
  • Check with the Treasurer or admin assistant to ensure payment has been received
  • Match entries and forward to appropriate literary contest judge
  • Match the winning entries with the logged entrant information and forward to contest judge and Editor to make the award
  • Assist in the development of the next contest, and repeat.

Contact: Victor Enns, Editor, Rhubarb magazine; [email protected] to volunteer.