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Rhubarb Readers Respond

We at Rhubarb are always happy to hear what our readers have to say about our recent issues. We will publish your responses on our website, updating regularly and archiving the responses with the issues when appropriate. We need names with your correspondence, which we prefer to publish and email addresses, which we will not publish. There will be opportunity for comments on these to keep a moderated conversation or rhubarb going. Other sections of the website that enable comments include blog posts, interviews and reviews, and news and events. Highlights from any of these responses may be published in the print version.

What will the mail carriers think?

Hi all Rhubarbites,

Victor Enns refers to the latest cover as “a false cover”, but unfortunately it’s the only one my very nice, polite, Muslim mailman was exposed to. (Blush.) More >

Rhubarb’s readiness to ‘stir things up’

Dear Rhubarb,

I’m writing to voice admiration for your recent Mennonite Sex issue, especially its provocative dual covers. Together they seem to evoke and enrich a binary at the heart of this publication: The outside cover, a carnal brazen demonstration of its own words, take it all off, and the inside cover, in contrast, a portrayal of motionless closed constraint, “clean-swept industrious Mennoniteville,” as Nightingale writes. More >

Dear folks at Rhubarb;

BTW–I most sincerely (although with a big smile) appreciate the brown wrap! I have an elderly Portuguese landlord & lady who re-distribute the in-house mail, and the over-the-top false cover with the “take if off” banner would have been embarrassing for us all as they’d no way get the joke! One glance at the ‘lurid’ artwork would have no doubt changed my standing in their eyes (for better or for worse!). Included in a note from Larry Nightingale who has a piece in our Sex issue after receiving his complimentary issue in a brown envelope.

Cancelling her complimentary subscription

Please take my name off your mailing list, as I do not want any more copies of your magazine. I was thoroughly disgusted with your last few editions and especially “Take it All Off!” – F.S.

Worth going home for

Dear person at Rhubarb,

I thought you might like this response I received from a friend when I told her I was considering submitting to Rhubarb:
  More >

Short & Sweet

I just wanted to congratulate you and the team there.   This issue latest was fantastic and courageous. Cheers! – Jim Tubb