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For the first thirteen years of my life, I called Winnipeg, Manitoba home. Obviously I don’t remember the first few years of city life, but I do know that for my newlywed parents—who had grown up around the small community of Altona, Manitoba—Winnipeg held the promise of a stable future. However, breaking the urban soil, […]

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everything is frozen

By Tim Brandt

please inquire at

[email protected]

before sending us any orders or money


Rhubarb is free! Donations are welcome…

By Tim Brandt

It’s time for us to offer complimentary copies of Rhubarb – we can’t store these treasures forever!

Let us know how many of which issue(s) you would like and how we can get these to you  –  we cannot afford to cover postage.

We are particularly interested in donating issues to libraries and schools for classroom use – we do want the magazines used and the words read!

please contact       [email protected]

and yes – we can still offer tax receipts for any donation over $10