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Apologetic, by Carla Funk, Turnstone Press, 2010. (107 pages) $17.00 Nature and faith are the dominant forces at work in Apologetic, the fourth book by Victoria poet Carla Funk. The two factors are the prevailing winds that shape the world Funk has created, making it rich and vivid one moment, ascetically spare the next.

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everything is frozen

By Tim Brandt

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Rhubarb is free! Donations are welcome…

By Tim Brandt

It’s time for us to offer complimentary copies of Rhubarb – we can’t store these treasures forever!

Let us know how many of which issue(s) you would like and how we can get these to you  –  we cannot afford to cover postage.

We are particularly interested in donating issues to libraries and schools for classroom use – we do want the magazines used and the words read!

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