Rhubarb is an independent, secular, not-for-profit magazine for the general reading public, published three times a year featuring the writing and visual images of diversely defined Mennonites: genetic, practicing, lapsed, declined, resistant, wannabe, and friends of.

Rhubarb is looking for contemporary art and writing of excellence. Writing should be clear, stimulating and persuasive without being didactic. Rhubarb publishes poetry, drama, creative non-fiction and short fiction, and images of two and three dimensional artwork. Rhubarb also publishes humour, interviews, book reviews, commentary and articles.

There are regular calls for our usually themed issues, but work in any form on any subject is welcome anytime. The themes for 2013 year focus on what some would consider Mennonite taboos; Money, Sex, and Politics. The first have been published, and the call for the third closes in June.

Rhubarb will publish a special issue devoted to Mennonite Theatre edited by noted scholar, dramaturg, editor and writer Per Brask with the assistance of a grant from the Winnipeg Arts Council this year as well. A general call for this Theatre issue is Open until June 1st. Please check our calls page for details.

No paper manuscripts or artwork will be returned. Electronic submissions are preferred as doc, docx, pdf jpeg or tiff attachments .

Thanks to our supporters, in particular the Manitoba Arts Council, the Winnipeg Arts Council, the Winnipeg Foundation and organizations and individual donors provide support for our publishing program.

The views expressed by writers in the magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher.
Copyright remains with the writers and artists.

Rhubarb Publisher
Mennonite Literary Society

President & Executive Editor
Victor Enns

Guest editors include:

  • Rudy Wiebe, Myrna Kostash, Rhea Tregebov, Michael Boss (Rhubarb #29)
  • Maurice Mierau, Sandra Birdsell, Hildi Tiessen (Rhubarb #30)
  • Maurice Mierau, Armin Wiebe, Aiden Enns, (Rhubarb #31)
  • Andreas Schroeder, Hildi Froese Tiessen, Di Brandt (Rhubarb #33)
  • Per Brask (Rhubarb #34)
  • T. Patrick Carrabre (#37)
  • Bernice Friesen (#38,#39)
  • Clarise Foster (#40)
  • and David Bergen (#41)

Copy Editors: Kyla Neufeld and Tim Runtz
Design & Production:
Aiden Enns, Tim Runtz
Di Brandt
Bernice Friesen
Maurice Mierau 
Susie Fisher
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Murray Toews
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Carlyn Schellenberg