Talia Pura (nee Wiebe)

As a playwright, Talia has had many performances, several publications and a C.B.C. (Canadian public radio) commission; a drama called Hillary. She has written and performed many solo dramas: Confessions of an Art School Model, which played in the New York City Fringe, Bette Davis Eyes, Metamorphosis, Mata Hari, and Harriet Bosse, based on the third wife of August Strindberg. Demons of the Mind, Cheap Goods and Queen of my Heart, are two handers which have had productions, the later one based on the correspondence between George B. Shaw and his long-time love, Mrs. Patrick Campbell.

She was part of the Canadian Forces Artists Program, 2010, for which she went to Afghanistan to research her creative work. Based on this experience, she wrote a one-act play, Ten O’Clock, a full-length screenplay, Anywhere But Here, and made a short film, Intel. Also based on Afghanistan is her full length play, Cry After Midnight, which was read at the Women Playwrights International Conference in Stockholm, in August, 2012. Her books, STAGES: Creative Ideas For Teaching Drama and CUES: Theatre Projects from Classroom to Stage, were published by J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing Inc.

Talia’s monologue, The Strawberry Confession, was included in a collection with Heineman Publishing, and she recently had a piece of fiction, Emails to Anna, published in Prairie Fire magazine. An excerpt from the play, Paul and Ruth, was included in a/crosssections: NEW MANITOBA WRITING.

In addition to Intel, Talia has written/produced/directed four short dramatic films: Violets are Blue, I Dream of You, Collections and The Strawberry Confession. They have enjoyed success at film festivals and on television. She held a commission for CODE (Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition); Aerial Artistry played at the Vancouver Olympics, 2010.

In addition to her creative projects, Talia teaches drama at the University of Winnipeg and coordinators a Youth Mentorship in the Arts Program for ACI (Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba). She is the president of the ACTRA Manitoba Council and the Manitoba Councilor for ACTRA National.

Services: Public readings, Manuscript evaluations, Workshops, Mentoring,
Email: [email protected]