Taboo Poetry Contest Honourable Mention

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After the funeral I pick up my box

Weighed down by money, solid oak furniture,
the gravity of death,

the family divides Opa’s clothes, casts lots
to the thrift store,

these rags worn off the man

who built two farms from the ground

on the road to resentment
went the second mile,

shovelled away snow, soil, and grief
till his heart caved,

passed me a paint brush, garden hoe, work ethic,
sticky watermelon kiss.

Others collect his coins, fight for his love

His crusted boots are my inheritance.

Angeline Schellenberg (view bio)

Note: Lorna Crozier was the judge of the poetry contest. Winning entries, in each category will be published in Rhubarb #34 in December. Honourable mentions will be posted in Featured Content, a new feature of the Rhubarb Website.