Rhubarb #33 – Mennonite Theatre – Hot off the presses!

Rhubarbs’ s 33rd issue, a handsome 64 page perfect bound publication guest edited by professor, dramaturge, editor and writer Per Brask chock full of essays and new work about Mennonite Theatre has arrived in our office! The essays go all the way back to origins in low-German community plays and the history of the Winnipeg  Theatre to the newest dramatic  writing by Patrick Friesen.  The quickest way to get your hands on it is to attend the launch and fundraising faspa on October 27th at 3:00 p.m. at Sam’s Place, 159 Henderson Highway. Reservations can be made online at this site, or by emailing Victor Enns at [email protected] Reservatio0ns are $25 for one and $45 for two seats a copy of the issue and a complimentary back issue of your choice. See you there!