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Mennonite Literary Society Membership & Subscription

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Product Description

MLS Membership Benefits:

  • Voting rights at (Annual) General Meetings of the Society
  • Rhubarb Magazine Subscription
  • Reduced rates for events (usually in Winnipeg) and single issue sales
  • Society Board email updates

1 year = $40 CDN/US  + $10 Shipping Charges outside Canada/United Stated
2 year = $70  CDN/US + $20 Shipping Charges outside Canada/United States

3 Issues per year.
(Subscriptions start with the next issue, unless otherwise requested.)

Subscription outside Canada and the US: Our preference is to make our subscriptions available electronically as emailed PDFs, which saves everyone money, and our limited staff resources a lot of trouble. This option is also available to North American subscribers.

Additional Information

subscription type

Physical (mailed to Canada or USA), Physical (mailed Internationally), Electronic (emailed PDF)

membership length

1 year, 2 years