News From the Publisher’s Desk


Rhubarb magazine is joining others in using the Submittable Service to keep track of our submissions, effective immediately. The [email protected] email will be discontinued completely by May 30. There are many advantages to using this submission program for writers, artists and publishers.

Writers will find the system incredibly easy to use and can track their submissions during the reading, consideration and selection phases. It provides access to submissions to editorial staff spread out throughout the country. Submissions are not accepted until they are complete – including a biographical note and essential contact information, which the publisher and administration need to pay writers and artists.

Rhubarb’s next call is for our Play issue and is on our website. All responses to this call should be made using Submittable. Rhubarb will not charge a reading fee. As a not-for-profit literary magazine our costs for using Submittable are reasonable, as the feature was initially started to meet the needs of literary magazines in North America. Another benefit to writers and artists for using the service is that it is used by more and more publications like ours, and allows you to submit to any magazine using the platform, while keeping track of all your submissions at the same time.