Mennonite Theatre Advances, Power & Politics to follow

Rhubarb received fewer literary submissions for our Power & Politics issue than needed to carry an entire issue. Sex the more interesting subject for writers, or perhaps power and politics less of a Mennonite taboo in contemporary society. The issue will go ahead, but with more unthemed content, beginning with the prize winners of our 2012 literary contest. Rhubarb announces September 3rdnd as the deadline for an open call, on any subject. Please check out the call on our website. The Mennonite Theatre issue will become Rhubarb issue 33, published in fall ahead of the Power & Politics and open content Rhubarb 34. Both issues will be published by the end of the calendar year. Guest Mennonite Theatre editor Per Brask  has collected a wide range of essays for this issue, new work by Patrick Friesen will be featured, and an interview. Thanks to Per, the commissioned essayists and the Winnipeg Arts Council for providing additional funding for this special issue.