This year our annual appeal focuses on donations, as Rhubarb put everything it had into our three 64 page perfect bound issues last year. Donations and subscriptions provide the majority of our support to keep publishing the finest Mennonite writing and art.

The form on the back of this letter offers ways you can give us a hand. If you do so before December 31, 2014, you’ll receive a complimentary gift subscription to send to a friend or family member.

Subscriptions are critical providing evidence to our contributors, donors and funders of a growing readership. Renew or extend for six issues and save!

Our proposed themes for our next six issues are:


R: 37 Mennonite New Music (edited by Dr. Patrick Carrabre), March 2015

R: 38 Essays on Mennonite Poetry, June 2015

R: 39 Dis + Ability, October 2015

R: 40 Women + Men + (gender), March 2016

R: 41 Sport + Recreation, June 2016

R:42   Humour, October 2016
Suggest a theme for a future issue of Rhubarb:



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Thanks for your support in whatever form!


Victor Enns, President

Mennonite Literary Society



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