From the Publisher’s Desk

Our politics and power issue, Rhubarb #34, took a little longer and is a little different than first envisioned. Initially low on copy, we ended up with too much. Good for the editor; for genre editors, writers, maybe not so much. An interesting exercise in power, in keeping with our theme, with the editor (that would be me) insisting he has the last word. Truth is, though, it is a shared responsibility that starts with the genre editors, passes to the editor and copy editors, and is finally left in the hands of the layout artist who fits it all together. Rhubarb is incredibly lucky to have such a passionate team showing so much care for each issue. This issue has two basic parts: power-and-politics-related writing and the winners of Rhubarb’s taboo literary contests of last year, and an excerpt from Armin Wiebe’s play “Wine and Little Breads,” which was the winning entry in the Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre One-Act Playwriting Contest, judged by leading Canadian playwrights Maureen Hunter and Patrick Friesen. Rhubarb is also fortunate to have the very appropriate work of Steve Penner on the cover and in the four-page colour insert. This issue marks our second sixty-eight-page perfect-bound issue, and with the kind of support we received at the launch of Rhubarb #33, Mennonite Theatre (read more under News & Events at, readers can look forward to more. Enjoy!

Victor Enns, President

Mennonite Literary Society