Elizabeth Ross

Elizabeth Ross is a well travelled Montreal writer who lived in New York producing stories about her life in the Rock magazine business of the sixties; in France, telling all about her life as a dancer with the Moulin Rouge; in Spain dancing Flamenco to support her stories and learning to make Spanish omelettes. In Sweden she became a mom and wrote stand-up comedy in her newly acquired language.

Her stories (in English) have appeared in Rhubarb Magazine (“Shopping in Theresienstadt,” “Smile”), in Homemaker’s Magazine, and in the anthology Seven Waves: Quebec Women Writers. “Jesus Loves Me” an excerpt from her collection of childhood memoirs, made the short list in the ’97 CBC Literary Awards.

Now based in her hometown (but moving on soon) she is working on Frontline, a collection of erotica in the Rabelaisian tradition: comedic takes on the life of a leader in the sexual revolution. She is hard at work and cannot be contacted. 

Email: [email protected]