Bernice Friesen

BERNICE FRIESEN grew up on her grandparents’ Saskatchewan homestead. The life of her great-grandfather’s family has been recorded in The Mulberry Tree by Victor Carl Friesen and Anna Friesen. She trained first as a printmaker and painter, and then as a teacher, at the University of Saskatchewan, before switching to writing.

The title story of her first book, The Seasons are Horses won the Vicky Metcalf Award for Best Young Adult Short Story in Canada, and her book of poetry Sex, Death and Naked Men, came out in 1998. Her first novel, The Book of Beasts, won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Fiction in 2007, was in the top five first fictions in the Toronto Globe and Mail, and was long-listed for the Rogers Writers Trust of Canada Fiction Prize.

She currently runs an exhibition blog called Revisionary at , showing pieces of her visual art adventures (currently in wearable leather and fur, or cement and stone mosaic) in tandem with the written word.

Services: Public readings, Manuscript evaluations, Workshops, Mentoring,
Email: [email protected]