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No Longer Farming

In spring of 2013, Grain was granted a nice sum of money by the Creative Industries Transition Fund* to execute a direct mail campaign and increase subscription numbers. We hired a smashing young woman named Nicolette Duncan, straight out of the commerce program at the University of Saskatchewan, to help us run the campaign—she did […]

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Someone’s Always Killing Poetry

“Who gives a shit about Arc? It’s where poetry goes to die,” said Dr. Alex Porco at Writing North 4. I occasionally go to writing workshops and presentations by established writers. In part, this is to keep informed about what’s happening in my local writing community, and in part it’s because this is my field […]

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Menno Genes

Mom’s  My grandma was struck by lightning three times—once from the plumbing while washing dishes, once through the window while washing dishes, and once in the yard between the house and the barn. Ask me how often I take baths or wash dishes during a thunderstorm. Never. Being struck by lightning is probably genetic, and […]

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The Art of Rejection

When I first started my gig at Grain, I was more than sensitive about sending out rejection letters. We have a standard template, the same sort that most journals use: We thank you for your submission but… best wishes with your writing. I know this is the standard template because I get rejection letters for […]

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Rilla Friesen

Rilla Friesen is the managing editor of The Canadian Journal of History/Annales canadiennes d’histoire, past editor of Grain magazine and one of those poet-types. Her father thinks she swears too much. As a Friesen-Toews combo, we’re probably related, but I don’t remember you.

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everything is frozen

By Tim Brandt

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Rhubarb is free! Donations are welcome…

By Tim Brandt

It’s time for us to offer complimentary copies of Rhubarb – we can’t store these treasures forever!

Let us know how many of which issue(s) you would like and how we can get these to you  –  we cannot afford to cover postage.

We are particularly interested in donating issues to libraries and schools for classroom use – we do want the magazines used and the words read!

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and yes – we can still offer tax receipts for any donation over $10