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Interview with Patrick Friesen

Though Patrick Friesen is best known for his collections of poetry, over the years he has made significant contributions as a writer for theatrical events. He has written pieces for dance with Stephanie Ballard and Margie Gillis; for the Dance Collective; and for performance for GroundSwell and the late Primus Theatre; and for multi-media collaboration. […]

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Guest Editorial

According to the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online (GAMEO), Mennonites have been involved in theatre-making since the seventeenth century in Holland. However, it was scorned by countless congregations as a worldly amusement, both the making of it and watching it. A ban on theatre was upheld by many Mennonite groups in North America well into […]

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The Mennonite Literary Society is Suspending the Publication Rhubarb

By Victor Enns

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By Tim Brandt

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