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My Secret Shame

Every how-to book on writing eventually gets around to advising the same thing; always carry a notebook. Take notes. Write down ideas. Jot down snippets of conversation you overhear. Commit to paper all you remember of your dreams right after you wake up. Make the pages and pen a part of your person. If you […]

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The Me in My Stories

Like most authors at one time or another, I have been accused of allowing personal biases to bleed into my stories and infect the narrative. My characters spout witticisms suspiciously like my own. The subtext attacks issues I find distasteful. I am less an author and more a living agenda with an eye for plot […]

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What I’m afraid of

It doesn’t make sense. Not literal sense, and not figurative sense. Fiction is just that; fiction. As in not real. Fake. False. I write fiction. Hence, I traffic in printed lies.

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Writing the way I want

Here’s the question: should I write the way I do, or the way I want to? What I mean is; when it comes to writing, I have a unique style. Every writer does. From the moment you learn your ABCs, you’ve begun garnering yourself a sui generis approach. By the time you’ve conquered cursive, you’re […]

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My addiction

Recently I’ve been taking steps to change my writing habits; to unPavlov my dogs, so to speak. It’s not so much that my routine to date is destructive to life and/or limb. Nor have I been salivating at the sound of a bell. It’s that I have somehow conditioned myself to rationalize a lazy and […]

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The Worst Part

The worst part of writing a novel? The beginning. Not the beginning of the work itself, that’s fairly easy. You’ve got some characters, you put together a setting, and bang! zoom! you’re on your way. No, what I dread is sitting myself down in front of that false idol of a writing utensil (how I […]

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Rhubarb is free! Donations are welcome…

By Tim Brandt

It’s time for us to offer complimentary copies of Rhubarb – we can’t store these treasures forever!

Let us know how many of which issue(s) you would like and how we can get these to you  –  we cannot afford to cover postage.

We are particularly interested in donating issues to libraries and schools for classroom use – we do want the magazines used and the words read!

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