Andreas Schroeder

Andreas Schroeder was born in Germany in 1946 and immigrated to Canada in 1951. He has made his living as a freelance writer for over 40 years, writing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translations, journalism and literary criticism. His 23 books include SHAKING IT ROUGH (nonfiction), DUSTSHIP GLORY (novel), FILE OF UNCERTAINTIES (poetry), THE LATE MAN (short fictions), TOCCATA IN ‘D’ (novella), THE ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT (Mennonite Low German stories in English translation, co-authored with Jack Thiessen), and THE MENNONITES IN CANADA (history). An autobiographical novel, titled RENOVATING HEAVEN, was published by Oolichan Books in 2008.

Schroeder has also published three popular collections of outrageous scams and hoaxes (SCAMS, SCANDALS & SKULDUGGERY; CHEATS, CHARLATANS & CHICANERY; and FAKES, FRAUDS & FLIMFLAMMERY) which were originally broadcast in shorter form on CBC Radio’s BASIC BLACK SHOW. He contributed over 160 scripts to this popular Saturday-morning show, over a twelve year period, as its “resident crookologist”. More recently, these collections have also been published in shortened versions for young adults.

Schroeder’s books have won or been shortlisted for many awards. His nonfiction work SHAKING IT ROUGH was a finalist for the Governor-General’s Award in 1976. His first novel, DUSTSHIP GLORY, was shortlisted for the Sealbooks First Novel Award in 1984, and his collection SCAMS, SCANDALS & SKULDUGGERY was a finalist for the Stephen Leacock Award in 1996. In 1998 he won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Non-Fiction for CHEATS, CHARLATANS & CHICANERY, and in 2005 he won the Ontario Library Association’s Red Maple Award for SCAMS! (He won the same award for THIEVES! two years later.) For his literary journalism he was shortlisted for a National Magazine Award in 1990, and won the CAJ’s Best Investigative Journalism Award in 1991. He received an Honourary Doctorate of Letters from the University College of the Fraser Valley in 2002.

Schroeder served as Chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada from 1975 to 1976. He also led the Union’s Public Lending Right crusade for some 34 years, serving as the founding Chair of the PLR Commission from 1986 to 1988. He currently holds the Rogers Communications Chair in Creative Nonfiction in UBC’s Creative Writing Program. He lives in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast with his wife Sharon Oddie Brown.

Contact Information:
Mailing address: 3273 Beach Avenue, Roberts Creek, B.C. V0N 2W2
Telephone: 604-885-2105
Email: [email protected]


*Author of:

The Ozone Minotaur (poems) Sono Nis Press, Victoria 1969;
File of Uncertainties (poems) Sono Nis Press, Victoria 1971;
uniVERSE (concrete poetry) MassAGE Press, Haney 1971;
The Late Man (modern parables) Sono Nis Press, 1972;
Shaking It Rough (memoir) Doubleday Toronto & New York, 1976;
Lorimer Publishing (paperback) 1978;
Toccata in ‘D’ (novella) Oolichan Press, Nanaimo 1984;
Dust_Ship Glory (novel) Doubleday Toronto, 1986 (hardcover)
Ballantine/Random House, New York, 1987 (trade paper)
Re-issued by Univ. of Athabasca Press, 2011 (trade paper & ebook);
Word For Word: The Business of Writing in Alberta (non-fiction)
Writers’ Guild of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. 1989;
The Eleventh Commandment (Low-German Mennonite short stories)
Thistledown Press. Co-authored with Jack Thiessen;
translated from Low German; Fall, 1990;
The Mennonites: A History of their Experiences in Canada.
(non-fiction/pictorial) Douglas & McIntyre, 1990;
Carved From Wood (Mission: 1861-1992) history; Friesen Publishing/
Mission Foundation, Winnipeg 1991;
Scams, Scandals & Skulduggery (non-fiction) McClelland & Stewart,
Toronto, 1996;
German translation 1999;
Chinese translation 2001;
Ebook edition Barnes & Noble, 2000;
Cheats, Charlatans & Chicanery (non-fiction) McClelland & Stewart, 1997;
German translation 1999; Chinese translation 2001;
Ebook edition Barnes & Noble, 2000;
Fakes, Frauds & Flimflammery (non-fiction) McClelland & Stewart,
Toronto, 1999;
Chinese translation 2001;
Ebook edition Barnes & Noble, 2000;.
Scams! (non-fiction, Young Adult) Annick Press, 2004.
Thieves! (non-fiction, Young Adult) Annick Press, 2005.
Renovating Heaven (autobiographical fiction), Oolichan Books, 2008.
Duped! (graphic nonfiction, Young Adult) Annick Press, 2011.
Robbers! (graphic nonfiction, Young Adult) Annick Press, 2012.

*Anthologies: Contributor to the following:

West Coast Seen, Talonbooks, 1969;
Contemporary Poetry of B.C., Sono Nis Press, 1970/72;
Poets of the Northwest, New Orleans Review Press, 1970;
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– Over five hundred feature stories & articles, reviews, columns and commentary in a wide variety of Canadian magazines and newspapers, including WEEKEND MAGAZINE, THE CANADIAN MAGAZINE, TODAY MAGAZINE, ENROUTE MAGAZINE, MACLEANS MAGAZINE, CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC, SAILING MAGAZINE, SATURDAY NIGHT MAGAZINE, CHATELAINE, READER’S DIGEST, THIS COUNTRY CANADA, THE IMPERIAL REVIEW, THE READER, The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, The Vancouver Province, The Vancouver Sun, The Regina Leader-Post, The National Post, etc.

Literary Magazines: Contributor to the following:

Prism International Magazine, Chelsea Magazine, Riverside Quarterly, Poetry Australia, Ann Arbor Review, Mundus Artium, Expression Magazine (England), Black Sun Magazine, Poet Magazine, Voices International, New Measure Magazine, Canadian Forum, Encore Magazine, Talon, Trace Magazine, Other Voices Magazine, Red Cedar Review, The Far Point Magazine, Quixote Magazine, Minnesota Review, Fiddlehead Magazine, Canadian Literature, Arts Canada, New Orleans Review, Beyond Baroque, University of Windsor Review, Romanian Literary Review (Familia), West Coast Review, Scopcraeft Magazine, The Canadian Fiction Magazine, D.N.A. (audio tape literary magazine), Tamarack Review, Kayak, Malahat Review, Edge, Waves, Books In Canada, Prairie Fire, Grain, Event, Poetry Chicago, Swift Current (computer-based literary forum), Northern Light, New Quarterly, Rhubarb Magazine, Conrad Grebel Review, etc.


Woodward Memorial Award for Prose, l969;
National Film Board grant, 1970;
Leon Koerner Foundation grant (fiction) 1974;
Canada Council grants (short-term): l968, l973;
Canada Council grants (B grants) 1969, 1971, 1976, 1979, 1986;
Canada Council grants (A grants) 1993, 1997;
Finalist: Governor-General’s Award, Non-fiction, 1977;
Canada Council (Explorations: non-fiction) grant, 1981;
Finalist: Sealbooks First Novelist’s Award, 1984
Canadian Assoc. of Journalists: Best Investigative Journalism Award, 1991;
Finalist: National Magazine Awards: Literary Journalism, 1991;
Finalist, Stephen Leacock Award (Humor), 1996;
Arthur Ellis Award (Crime), Best Non-Fiction, 1997;
Honourary Doctorate of Letters, University of the Fraser Valley, 2002;
Writers’ Union of Canada: Lifetime Membership Award, 2003;
Ontario Library Association’s Red Maple Award for Y/A nonfiction, 2005;
Ontario Library Association’s Red Maple Award for Y/A nonfiction, 2007.
Finalist: Ethel Wilson Fiction Award (BC Book Prizes) 2009;
Graeme Gibson Award (for service to Canada’s writers) TWUC, 2012;
Finalist, Silver Birch Award (Young Adult nonfiction), OLA, 2013.

Email: [email protected]