It’s getting better every time.

– Lennon/McCartney

It’s been a dramatic year, what with the Theatre Issue, the completion of our editorial team, the Rhubarb redesign and the increased size from 48 to 64 pages, adding perfect binding and an e-commerce capable website.  

Happily we’ve returned to a regular three times a year publishing schedule. Our current issue, Rhubarb 35 “Breaking Mennonite: Living in the City” is in production featuring an exclusive excerpt from David Bergen’s new novel Leaving Tomorrow, and an interview with radio’s Eric Friesen,  and will be launched in April. Watch the website for news.

The form on the back of this letter offers you several different ways you can give us a hand, and if you do before March 30, 2014, you shall be rewarded with the option to provide a gift subscription to a friend or family member AT NO COST! Subscriptions are critical even as Canada Post’s mailing costs rise substantially. It’s not just for the money; it’s to provide evidence, to our contributors of writing and art and our donors and funders, of a growing readership. So a subscription renewal or extension is a good place to start. Donations are always welcome and we are a registered Canadian charity providing tax receipts to Canadian donors.

Rhubarb is preparing numerous grant applications to support our ambitious publishing plans. Funds permitting, the Mennonite Literary Society Board of Directors approved the following themes and tentative schedule at their last Board meeting.

R: 35 Breaking Mennonite: Living in the City, April 2014

R: 36 Earth & Gardens, August/September 2014

R: 37 Dis + Ability December 2014

R: 38 Mennonite New Music (edited by Dr. Patrick Carrabre) February/March 2015

R: 39 Women + Men + (gender), May or July 2015

R: 40 Essays on Mennonite Poetry, June 2015

R: 41 Sport + Recreation, October 2015.

In addition to a free gift subscription, get one issue free (6 issues for the price of 5) if you subscribe or extend your subscription for two years, specially offered for this appeal. You may subscribe, renew, extend your subscription, or donate online at with Paypal, or send a cheque made out to The Mennonite Literary Society in the enclosed envelope.

Thanks for your support in whatever form.  Cheers!

Victor Enns, President

Mennonite Literary Society