Participation Opportunities

The objective of increasing participation in the Mennonite Literary Society and Rhubarb magazine is the long term sustainability of both. We seek a diverse tolerant multi-generational range of volunteers  interested in Mennonite arts and culture, whether in-person in Winnipeg where we are located, or electronically from just about anywhere, communicating in English.

Sales, subscriptions, donations and advertising will always be sought. The better MLS and Rhubarb increase their self-generated revenue, the better the quality of our work, more pages and copies we will be able to produce. Rhubarb has always paid contributors, and is now beginning to pay production staff. We are seeking funds to pay a consistent editorial team, and then onto the other usual magazine staff including a paid publisher and managing editor. We’re not talking mainstream, but the more arts publication common complement of two or three paid staff members.

It’s not always about the money, it can be about the passion for an art form, the need to make a difference, to belong by participating in a community with a common objective. Volunteers will always be needed in a wide range of policy development and support roles where individuals can share their skills and expertise, or develop them.

Our list of volunteer opportunities do not come with job descriptions (yet), but with the potential for them to be shaped by making the best use of your time, interests and skills.

  • MLS Volunteer coordinator
  • MLS Board membership
  • MLS Event planner and manager
  • MLS Membership relations
  • MLS Fundraising manager
  • Rhubarb advertising sales (print and website)
  • Rhubarb submissions manager
  • Rhubarb website maintenance
  • Rhubarb social media manager

Please contact: Victor Enns at [email protected] to discuss these opportunities.