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Your donation to the Mennonite Literary Society, a registered Canadian charity, supports the publication of Rhubarb, in print and on-line.

Rhubarb serves as a meeting place where writers and readers enjoy community, engaging in a dialogue that is both immediate and accessible. Rhubarb discovers and encourages emerging writers providing opportunities to launch their careers, with their work keeping company with fresh writing by established writers published in Canada and the United States.

Rhubarb is proud to include colour visual images on the cover and in an insert in every issue bringing the work of a diverse Mennonite visual arts community to the attention of our readers.

As you may know, revenues from subscriptions hardly begin to cover the cost of producing a magazine, and that is why we approach our readers, writers and friends for support, usually in fall leading up to Christmas, so that donors have their receipts to submit with their tax returns.

We acknowledge your generosity with a charitable tax receipt (Canada only), a mention on our donor page for one year, and our commitment to provide new writing and visual images from our diversely identified community.

Should you wish a subscription with your donation, please note that Canada Revenue requires that receipts for donations apply only to the portion of the gift for which no benefit accrues, and the amount of the subscription is deducted for the donation receipt. For example a cheque for $100.00, which is to include a one-year subscription will be receipted for $70.00.  If we receive no indication a subscription is desired, the full amount of the donation will be receipted, and no subscription processed.

Donor $10-$49

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Sponsor $100-$499

Patron $500 +

If you would like to donate to the Mennonite Literary Society, please send your donation to:
The Mennonite Literary Society

606-100 Arthur Street

Winnipeg, MB  R3B 1H3

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